Our Club Community Signature Projects

Vision Screening


Every year, the RCN conducts Vision Screening at Stephen Dillett school. Each time, we screen over 100 pupils, many of whom are found to have very defective eyesight. This can impair their ability to learn, their interactions in class and their overall behaviour. We have recently become aware of equipment which can assist us with expanding this programme throughout The Bahamas and we are seeking partners in the Rotary community to partner with us for a global grant application. If you are interested in learning further details please email us.

During these sessions we also test for glucose levels and have found several persons who needed immediate help.



Persis Rodgers Christmas Party


Every Christmas Season, RCN brings holiday cheer to the residents of the Persis Rodgers Home for the Aged. They are treated to Christmas lunch, small gifts and fellowship and carols with Club members.

Childrens' Christmas Party at McDonald's


Together with the Salvation Army, RCN has been treating children to a Christmas Party at McDonald's. They have lunch, entertainment, games, a visit by Santa and Christmas gifts.

RCN Christmas Food Distribution


Members gather  on Christmas morning to distribute food to needy residents in Fox Hill and Grants Town. Everyone who participates agree that is a never to be forgotten experience. Several families received gifts of  traditional Christmas fare, which is always enthusiastically received!


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